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December 15th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  976 views


‘B +VE’

The stomach ache of Krissh was not as painful as his boredom was. He was admitted in hospital due to infection in his stomach and there was no one around to cheer him up as he was living in a hostel away from his home…and he did not inform to his family as he didn’t want to let them bother about his sickness.

Krissh was staring a fan from his bed on that boring evening….. When a girl was carried and laid on a bed just next to him. An old lady was also with him. The panic face of the old lady was telling that she is the girl’s mother.

Krissh was busy next half an hour seeing how the doctors and nurses repeated the same medical exercise as they did with him a day before.

“Radhika found faint on the floor when I entered her room…and I took her to the hospital immediately …” Her mother was talking to someone on phone when Krissh came to know that the girl’s name is Radhika and she was found in faint condition… but he couldn’t see her face till now.

Krissh was taking allopathic medicines that made him sleep soon… and a beautiful morning was waiting for him.

When Krissh opened his eyes next morning …his eyes stuck on the extremely beautiful face of Radhika… She was sleeping and her face was right in front of Krissh. Her big black eyelids were showing her calm…her long hairs were showing her charm… and a little black spot below her lips was showing her perfection in beauty.

Krissh couldn’t stop himself to stare on her face for next ten minutes until a nurse shouted on him not to bend the glucose-pipe that was feeding his veins.

Radhika’s mother noticed that there was no one to take care of Krissh… so she offered him lunch with them after a few formal talks. Though Krissh was talking to the mother but he kept on looking on Radhika from the corner of his eye. Perhaps he had never seen a beautiful girl so long and so close to him.

“What are you suffering from? There is no one from your home???” Radhika asked Krissh when her mother was outside.

“Do you know???…you are very beautiful…!” Krissh answered her with a smile before her mother could enter the room…

Radhika’s mother noticed a smile on her face and asked… “Has someone cracked a joke? Krissh… Is it you?”

“no… I was just telling her how I gobbled five Parathas that evening and thus came here…” Krissh answered and he was about to laugh loudly but couldn’t due to his stomach ache.

Radhika stared him cutely and pretended to sleep… Krissh kept on staring her till late night.

Next morning a man came to see Radhika. He seemed to be very busy as he didn’t stay there even for five minutes and ran back away. Radhika kept on praying him to be with her… but he didn’t give any attention to her.

Krissh understood that man would be her brother or some relative who didn’t had a high rank in his priority list for Radhika.

Radhika was feeling very low. Krissh consoled her somehow by saying some beautiful lines and praising her beauty.

Krissh has forgotten about his sickness and was spending a beautiful time in company of Radhika. He was getting careless even in taking his medicines in time. And the result was in front of him in the night. He noticed some blood in his cough and the doctor was called immediately.

A huge amount of blood loss made him very weak till morning. And doctor announced that they need immediate blood to save his life.

The blood group was checked… It was ‘B +ve’

Radhika’s mother told him that the man who came to see Radhika yesterday has also the same blood group…

“But why he will donate his blood for a stranger??? “ Krissh asked with surprise.

“Why not? After all he is Radhika’s husband… and you are not stranger to us.”Radhika’s mother answered…

“What?… Radhika’s husband?…” Krissh murmured and fainted.

The blood loss was not proved as dangerous to him as this news was… that Radhika is already married.

Krissh opened his eyes next morning and found the doctor saying in front of him…. “you are now out of danger… you can be discharged this evening.”

“Thank you doctor.” Krissh replied.

“Don’t thank me… Thank Radhika who donated you her blood even in her sick condition when her husband refused to give you his blood.” Doctor shocked him saying these words.

“what?… you gave me your blood?… even if you are suffering from dangerous ills… what I mean to you?” Krissh asked Radhika with a great surprise.

Radhika gave only a cute smile in answer.

Krissh asked her again… “He called him your husband… and he doesn’t have even five minutes for you… he loves his blood more than your life… are you happy with such a looser partner?”

Radhika didn’t reply and turned her face away.

It was afternoon. Krissh was having lunch with Radhika. Both of them were staring on each other’s eyes. Radhika’s blood was running in veins of Krissh now in form of love. They want to talk much but there were only their eyes that were talking.

Radhika was going to finish her lunch when her husband entered the room and started to shout “look!… I am dying and wandering here and there for earning. And someone is enjoying her lunch with strangers. Why are you pretending of being ill…why don’t you join some club or something …if you have to enjoy with other males and have to mock of me?”

Radhika didn’t answered and fainted again after crying few minutes.

Krissh was discharged in the evening and was ready to leave. He was waiting for Radhika to wake up.

After few minutes Radhika woke up, didn’t find her husband there and gave a fake smile to Krissh.

“I have started liking you… your killing smile drives me crazy… I wish to see this smile on your face forever ….I wish to bring every happiness in our life. I am in love with you… will you live your life and die with me?”……. Krissh asked Radhika through his wet eyes.

“I am an Indian wife… we have to search happiness in our husband’s happiness only… we have to smile on our husband’s smile only…. We have to live and die with our husband only… and we have to love anyhow our husband only.”…..

Radhika answered Krissh….giving a killing smile again and wished him goodbye through her wet eyes….



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