An Alien Night

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December 14th 2012  |  1  |  Category: Fiction , Horror , Suspense  |  Author: Abu  |  678 views

He cursed his job for the fact that he had three sleepless nights back to back, he woke up from his 4 hour sleep which felt like 4 minutes for him. His wife and daughter deep in sleep, he decided not to disturb them, he checked the calendar , his daughter would turn 1 year old tomorrow, a sudden feel of happiness rushed through him .He kissed his daughter in her plump cheeks and set out into the cold night to reach his office.

His office had the routine night staffs and securities double checking the identity cards to ensure the safety, the air base he worked had a dazzling beauty in the night, he reached the cabin and signed in for his job, he went to the small run way for helipads and gliders alone, he stopped some where around the exit to see an old paper print pasted to the wall, it had the photograph and news of a young guy missing along with a helipad somewhere near the Bermuda triangle region while he was on work, it was dated 30 long years back. he remembered the time when he was a 10 year old kid reading newspapers and getting shell shocked about the news of missing air crafts and ships. At last he found his small glider ready for the take off for the regular night patrolling

His glider took off into the dark cool sky ,tonight he had to patrol over the 3-4 nautical mile into the sea and check whether there is any sort of odd happenings, he double checked the area of patrol, and he was about to leave when he saw some sort of luminous activity ahead, he flew at once up to there but as soon as he reached it was gone. He felt like his helipad shook vigorously for no reason, something had gone wrong his cockpit was no longer working as per his actions, it alarmed and he lost connection with his base, soon he realized that he was going down, deep into the sea, he tried with all his might to restore things but it was all in vain. He waited for the splash sound that he was sure sooner or later would happen, he waited for the last moments of his life
But minutes passed by still there was no splashing sound, he opened his eyes , all he could see was a mixture of bright colors, he was still going down but slowly as a feather, his helipad halted somewhere solid, now his eyes got accustomed to the light that he could see things, what he saw there made him go flabbergasted . he felt like he was in a large deck which was at least 10 times the size of a war ship. His senses went numb , he held his breath and waited for any sign of movement or sound, nothing happened he got down from his glider as soon as he touched the floor with his foot, an alarm signal started, there were so much flash of lights. out of nowhere came a few creatures , he never saw any living creatures of that sort, green in color, big eyeballs and barely 3 feet long ,he went awestruck ,his mouth went dry

They came to him and scrutinized him for a few seconds ,he was lifted of the ground and he was traveling in mid air, he was put inside a cell ,it had no doors but had only some kind of laser lights at the end of it, he realized that he was imprisoned in a tight security electronic operated cellar. The cell was dimly lit, he saw someone moving at the far corner of it and he was taken aback when an old man jerked awake from his sleep. The old man was very shaggy, long bearded and had a sunken face but somewhere he felt like he knew the old man. he went near the old man, the old man asked him ”bad luck, young guy, u have to end your life here”, he stood there frozen hearing this. he asked ”where am i?”,the old man laughed at his stupid question and replied ”even i don’t have any idea, but surely this place is not occupied by humans, they are highly intelligent and advanced aliens I suppose, they had the courtesy of keeping me alive”. he went slightly uneasy at the old mans reply, he asked the old man “you are saying that this is an alien base ?”,the old man nodded. he still was thinking where he knew the old man , a sudden flash of news paper print and old photograph went through his mind “you were the one who was missing along with the glider some long years back?”,the old man smiled and replied “ yes, happy to know that there are some people who remember me still,”. he asked him “is there a way out?”,”no, but I am going out “,he looked at him surprisingly, the old man continued” they now got you for their experiments and they are moving their base from here today, they will let me go as they have u, years of anticipation and it paid off today ,I am going to be free”. He had nothing to say, he knew what was coming , he lost his family, his ambitions and everything, what now he got was wait for long years for his death. his heart broken, he started crying, he opened his locket clinging in his chest and opened it, inside it was two little photos of his daughter and wife and with tears flooding, he kissed it, he was going to live for years with the good memories he got.

The small creatures appeared again, the security in front of their cellar was shut down, the creatures started speaking in some strange language ,to his surprise the old man replied them, years of life with them taught him how to communicate with those aliens, the talks went a bit intensified, they were talking as if they were having an argument , at last it settled. the old man looked at him and told “you can go”, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing,” but u told I have to live here for ever ?”, the old man smiled and told him” you got years and years to live, u got a family, I am not sure whether there is someone waiting for me or not, I got a little to wait for my end, but you got so much to live, to do and to love, the old man finished with a little smile.

He had too little to speak to the old man, he realized how big hearted this old man was, he hugged him and told” thanks ,that’s all I could say”, the old man patted him on the back and told ”good luck young man”, soon he was taken back near to his glider. he got in fast and he saw the large tunnel through which he could go back. His glider slowly took off from there and soared high up through the tunnel, every seconds felt like days for him at last after a few minutes he got out of the tunnel which was very high from the sea level, as soon as he got out of the tunnel, it began to sink back and it was gone out of sight.
Soon he got his connection back with his base, he couldn’t believe the turn over of events he had for a single night, he was filled with joy that he could see his beloved daughter and wife once again… something happened in between, he was just minutes away from his base when he saw the alarm started indicating low fuel and engine damage, he pressed the eject button, no hopes, it got stuck. there left only two options for him, a mighty crash or a miraculous survival… he some where hoped he was destined to live but chance of survival was thin.. he took out his locket and kissed the smiling faces of his daughter and wife inside it and waited for what was to come, he could see the runway ,he had nothing much to do but to close his eyes and pray for his dear life….


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