Amy and Carrie

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May 8th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: tina20  |  704 views

Amy, an English woman, about 45-ish, lived with her father, a retired worker, a widower with three properties, her husband, Mace, a semi retired trucker driver and her two sons, Dalen, 16 years old, and Fabian, 14 years, in her father’s house at Swam Town in the middle of England

Amy had got mental disease when she was about 20 years young, since then she had lived on benefit. Then she married Mace and got Dalen, a boy with learning disability. Two years later she got Fabian, the other boy with learning disability too. Later years she did abortions when she got pregnancies because she worried to have learning disability kids again. Besides her own original benefits and she got her two kids’ various benefits and the benefits for her looking after her two kids .At last she got whopping money so she always arranged her holidays.

Amy’s friend, Carrie, a Chinese, an intelligent lady with charming and attractive figure, over 40 years, lived alone in a flat which she rent, which located next housing compound of Army’s. She was educated well and with various interesting in sports, art, dance, people, and society, international and domestic issues. She was a supply teacher for the kids with learning disabilities. Like the other tax payers, Carrie paid the rent, the council tax, the income tax, the medicine and the national insurances, which Amy didn’t pay. She was always on line to search a decent job which could pay her holiday once a year.

As Dalen’s teacher, Carrie became Amy’s friend. These two women visited each other and sometimes they had meal outside. The main topic was about Dalen and two years later, Carrie finished her supply time in Dalen’s school and she went to the other school as supply teacher. Carrie and Amy still visited each other and still talked about Dalen, but not just Dalen:
“Mace was annoying .” Amy was complained about her husband.
“What did he do made you upset?” Carrie was surprised of hearing Amy first time murmuring her husband.
“I don’t know. I saw a man, in the library yesterday, was really handsome. He is black, huge muscles, tall and strong.” Amy was excited.
“I see, you found a younger, better man so you lost interesting in Mace.”
“He and I opened our marriage for some years. Mace has no passion” Amy said.
“Mace has no muscles either.” Carrie followed Amy and smiled.
“Mace is not taller than that man.” Amy continued.
“Mace is not younger than that man.” Carrie followed.
“Mace is not as black as him.” Amy continued.
“Mace is a white and he couldn’t be black like that, unless he dyes his skin.” Carrie said..
“Mace’s junior is smaller than that man.” Amy continued.
“Sorry, I can’t follow you for I don’t know that. By the way how you know that man’s?” Carrie asked slowly.
“I guessed.” Amy answered gently
“Nice guess.” Carrie said.
“I’d like to have a date with him, but worried about he might not like me.” Amy said.
“Try him and see what’s going on.” Carrie encouraged.
“How about you come with me and we talk with him, see I can date him? But I guess he may like you when he sees you.”Amy worried.
“Probably.” Carrie laughed: “So you’d better do yourself.”
“I can see men’s eyes looking at you when we outside, that looking is strong desire of wanting you, I guess, tell me why men like the women like you?” Amy asked.
“Are you sure?” Carrie said.
“Positive, tell me then.” Amy continued: “I’d like to learn to be a woman who man likes.”
“You are the woman a man likes already, you just didn’t know.” Carrie said: “Mace is the one, he looks after you and two kids and your father as well. He does shopping, cooking, washing up, cleaning and gardening. He’s never asked your and kids’ benefits for contributing some housekeeping money, so you could have lot of money doing whatever you want, such as holidays.” Carrie analyzed.
“That true, he did and does all sort of things for me, me kids and me Dad, but that is not love. Love is passion, is nomadic is something which we don’t know what that is.” Amy said.
“I see.” Carrie said:” I prefer love is something we know.” Carrie said.
“I like you sense of humor. Carrie, you are educated well, charming with great personality and experience, why not try to get a good pay job, such as manager, university lecturer or a government officer?”
“I’m still trying, each year I sent thousands of applications to various jobs openings which closes my background, in our town, the towns near us, the towns and cities far from us, the countries we heard and the countries we haven’t heard yet, but I’ve not got success so far.” Carrie told Amy.
“Its shame isn’t it? In this country, two kinds of people live well, one is on benefits, same as me; one is on good job positions, such as managers, doctors, solicitors, celebrates and politicians, work less hours and good pay. Why not apply benefit, which you can get free everything, meanwhile you can still to apply for a good job?” Amy asked.
“I applied benefit, but the system looked didn’t not work for me. Two year ago, I applied low income benefit and I declined for my ex had got half wealth of the house which his ex still lives there, which I have no any connection within. So I have to work hard for the small and temporary job I’ve got and same time I have to hunt a new job.” Carrie said.
“You are beautiful and charming, to get a rich man to marry and you don’t need a job.”
“Sounds great, but I haven’t met the rich men who could feed their families and wives, although they told me that they could, in the practice, they couldn’t.” Carrie said peacefully:”
To be honest, who can guarantee the marriage and there are lots of uncertain between the couples and the uncertain in the society as well.”
“That’s true. Forget the rich man, how about to be a rich and powerful woman?” Amy said.
“Yes.” Carrie was interested in.
“I want to be a women Bishop for the Church of England, I heard that the Church of England allows women Bishop. I became a church lady last year and I have learned lot of things from the Bible. First I will encourage Dalen to join the church, then Fabian. I asked Dalen to go to church with me, and he was happy and I’ve not asked Fabian yet, he is in violence sometimes.” Amy said: “I wish my family all church members, if I was a women Bishop. I know my Dad would not be happy going to the church, but he would go with me, if he knew that his going could help my dream to be true.”

“That’s true, parents love children without any conditions.” Carrie said and her mind: Amy was are quite lucky and she got whatever in her life, now suddenly she wanted to be a Bishop, so she worked to that way, no any problem. But myself was different, I must struggle for survival.

Two weeks later, Amy visited Carrie and told her that she met another man in the swimming pool.
“He is safe guard, handsome, young, and charming with blue eyes. I love his French accent speak English, very nice.” Amy showed her interesting: “I’d like to kiss him; his lips are soft and gentle.”
“Did you say anything to him?” Carrie asked.
“No, I just sparked my eyes to him and hoped he got my message.”
“Did he get?” Carrie asked.
“I don’t think so. I saw he had sexy eyes to the other hot ladies.” Amy showed what the safe guard did.
“Why not say ‘hi’ to him, later more ?”
“ I said’ Hi’, but later nothing, because his eyes are on beauties, never on me.”
“I see, forget him, you will have your man.” Carrie said: “How’s the application of women Bishop going on?”
“The Church of England said that I couldn’t apply for this position because I am on incapacity benefit, which I guessed they thought I have mental disorder. Anyway I’ve lost interesting in to be a Bishop and now I just want to get a man.” Amy put her finger to touch her lips.
“Don’t’ do that to me, to that handsome safe guard: “Carrie teased Amy: “I am going to have bath to the swimming pool anytime now, do you want to join me?”
“Of cause.”
The two women went to the pool and they were told that the safe guard was a student and left the UK yesterday.
“It’s pity.”Carrie and Amy had no any motivation for swimming.

Carrie was still in her job hunting and Amy was still her man hunting.
The tragedy was Carrie still couldn’t get a good pay job and Amy still couldn’t get a man who liked her.
One day Amy and Carrie visited a big house, which demonstrated this family’s history, the process of development and the heady. They met some visitors and foreigners as well; they were writers, business people, government officers, workers and house wives. Carrie and Amy had great talk with them: they talked about the English history, the politic, the economy, the people, the culture, the need for majority people, the various and individuals.
“You should be a person governed your people, not just a supply teacher.” A visitor said to Carrie:” You should know you got not only the knowledge of your culture, the talent of governing and the personality but also the serving heart. You should try to this way.”
“Really? I never wanted to dominate anyone, I love people and I can do anything for people.” Carrie said.
“That’s the reason you can do that job.” The other visitor said.
“How about me, can I be a MP?” Amy asked.
“It’s difficult to say, generally speaking you can.”
“How about narrowly speaking?” Amy continued.
“You have lots of great personalities, but I don’t want to offend you that you are not patient and not
tenacious and resilient enough to get along with people sometimes.”
“You are right, my mental illness made me angry easily most of times. I know I am not good for that kind of job, to be honest I’ve never been working in my life time so far.” Amy said.

On the way home Carrie and Amy went to a Chinese restaurant to have meal.
“This is my first time to have Chinese food, really good.” Amy said:” I will come to Chinese restaurant often later.”
Carrie was pleased her friend liking Chinese food: “We can come here some time and also I can cook some for us when you come to my place.”

The days and nights came and gone as usual and Carrie and Amy did their routine things as usual: Carrie did her temporary supply teaching job, at same time she searched her decent job; Amy arranged her holidays, at same time to find her man.

Suddenly, there was a reelection of a new MP for Swam Town, Carrie wanted to try it and she told Amy her idea and Amy encouraged her to get that position. Carrie stopped her decent job hunting and spent her time to know what were the problems of this town, what people‘s needs. She did various voluntary jobs and organized different meetings, to know people and let people to know her and her political policy and her ability of governing. Carrie told Amy her opinions from her strategic planning to the process of wining the election and sometimes Amy joined Carrie’s activities as well.

Later Amy told Carrie that she would go to France for holiday a while. Carrie felt a bit pity that her best friend was not with her in her election time, anyway Carrie got her supporters. People liked Carrie’s political policy and more and more people came to Carrie’s and Carrie’s people was more than the other candidates.

The election day was around corner, Carrie was surprised Amy became one of the candidates, and Amy’s political policy was Carrie’s. Amy’s election activities were her political policy with ice cream, the people of Swam Town went to Amy included Carrie’s supporters. Carrie persuaded her people to stay with her and told them that she would win the campaign
“Amy’s policy is much better than yours and we should support the best one.” The supporters said.
“That policy is mine, not hers.” Carrie said.
“We don’t care whose policy, but the policy with ice cream is better.” They said.

Amy won the election at last.
Amy’s life style changed immediately: beautiful pay, various allowances, a free car, a free chauffeur and a free house in London and free holidays.
Carrie was still a supply teacher in Swam Town and still searched a decent job on line.
They were still friends and Amy always called Carrie and asked her how to deal with the issues of her job, and Carrie always guided her to be as a MP.


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