• “Come on Nemo, hurry up!” “Let’s go find some treasure!” said little blonde haired blue eyed Bella as she crashed through the waves onto the shore where her brown haired green eyed brother sat.
    Rolling his […]

  • On one beautiful island in the Pacific in the late 1800’s lived a thirteen-year-old girl named Scarlett. She had the whole island all to herself along with her talking animal friends, Ella the elephant, Mark the […]

  • Chapter Two
    The next day in the same pub, William the storyteller had taken his seat at the bar and four or five glasses were next to the man’s own drink, at least three of them empty.
    The Stranger once again […]

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  • Interesting read.

  • A bright Sunday morning of the millennium year in the city of dreams-Bombay. I woke up to the first photograph I ever took-of my then eight year old sister’s. For some reason, I liked it more than any other, much […]

  • As you approach more you can hear clearly the sound of the drums, the incredible beauty of nature, wild and meek animals in harmony and tribes of black Africans with almost so white hearts.

    It was a special day […]

  • As he drove past another dainty looking eatery, he got anxious. He was hungry and also angry at poor highway dhabas and thought,’ less appetizing and more starving.’ Only couple of minutes back, he had called his […]

  • Finding Love at Fourteen
    By Gurdeep Rajoria
    Sitting in the class, Those chilling winter days felt really long and boring. Cold making it hard to keep concentrated on the lessons. While my teacher quibble over […]

  • Invisible shoes

    Zoë is a coastal town known for its tanneries and leather manufacturing. It was known for its designers and makers. It is a town with robust manpower and talent.
    Once upon a time, three […]

  • Kenny Knox, playing on an old discarded sofa, was stung by a hornet who had taken up residence in the cushion on the couch. Kenny yelped for half an hour; jumping and shaking his right hand, shouting like a […]

  • Priscilla was simple girl at heart with confident urbane woman in brains. She always dreamed of marrying the Prince, who had heart of gold and brain of grandmaster. Marriage was not on her mind as she loved her […]



    “I was planning not to talk to you whole of my journey…. As I felt you are arrogant enough to be left all alone….” Jack started the conversation when only three stations and only […]

  • Piku started laughing by hearing that we can connect with some dead person with the help of some precise and practiced technique. This is impossible, you are trying to make me fool, remember I am not a milk […]

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    Good story, and I liked the way it didn’t end with the boring all a dream idea, having the bottle reappear was a good twist on a cliché. To try and be constructive, I’ll say that you should proofread but good […]

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  • Crafty Kid
    I am God (The maker, the preserver and the wrecker) and I live with you all the time. All you mortals call me by various names, and I love you. You have varied beliefs and faiths to salute my presence […]

  • It was mutual attraction. We both attended the same high school for two years. Actually, she had occupied the classroom next to mine for both years. We must have passed each other on the corridors over a hundred […]

  • Love makes an ordinary life like a fairy tale. I was born in the Ferguson family and named Emily. My Dad started his own company building houses for others. An immigrant from Puerto Rico he worked hard and slowly […]

  • CRASH! Suddenly Bianca heard a loud bang coming from the entrance of her house. So Bianca ran towards the noise finding out that the bang came from the Mailman. He was dropping off a package that contained all her […]

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