A Little Girl, and Her Grandpa’s Horse…Sugar.

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August 21st 2012  |  8  |  Category: Adventure , Children , Comedy , Inspirational , True Stories  |  Author:  |  4093 views

This is a story about one little girl’s love for horses.

Country for me is just a part of life, like the sun rising and setting; my days rise and set in the country life. From the time I was a young girl riding a spring horse and nearly touching his nose to the floor in my grandfathers farm house, I knew, I was going to ride horses all my life. To this day I can walk into an old barn, take in the smell of horses, hay and horse manure and the memories with my grandfather; his horses and his farm come rushing back in, and to this day, that smell is the best smell, besides when rain hits a hot dirt road on a summer day.

I remember riding horses from a very young age of 3 or younger and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do, to be close to the horses even if I wasn’t riding, including dragging my tricycle under the fence at my grandfathers farm while my mother was inside. This day with the tricycle I have never forgotten. We were staying with my grandparents, my father was stationed in Korea during Vietnam, so my grandpa had us stay with him, he didn’t worry as much that way.

On this day, as I was heading out the back screen door to the big old cherry tree, that to a 4 year old seemed massive, I hear my mom yell, “Stay away from the horses, and out of the field!” As I’m heading towards the swing on the tree I see my tricycle. Well I jump on it and start to peddle around, then like a ray of “Sunshine” , there she was! Big, sorrel in color, four white socks on her feet, a big white blaze down her face….her name was, Sugar.

I rode my tricycle to the fence where she had come for a drink from the trough. I pet her nose, then remembered, we have apples! I’ll be right back, Sug! I tell the horse and peddle to the back door and go into the enclosed porch room. I forget and the screen door slams shut! My mom asked me what I was doing and I tell her getting an apple and before she could say anything else, I was out the door and on my trike, back to Sugar with apples in hand!

I get to the fence and decide that I’m going to take my trike in the fence with me, to feed Sugar. So I wrestled my trike under the fence, then walk up to Sugar. She bent her head down to me and I pet her nose and face. She took the apple out of my hand gently as if she knew that I had tiny fingers, and she should be careful.

I looked at the back door and saw, no mom. So I decided that I’d park my trike next to Sugar, and when she’s eating the second apple I’d climb on up. I fed her the second apple and parked the trike close to her front shoulder. I climbed up on the seat of the trike hoping to grab her mane and pull myself up on her. Then suddenly Sugar moves, so I climb down off my trike, and pull it where she moved, which was only a few feet; but to a little girl on a mission on a hot summer day, that is surely going to get a spanking for this, that few feet, seemed like miles. When I got back to her with the trike I pet her again, while she was sniffing me for apples and when she didn’t find any, she took another step forward and stepped on my foot, and did I mention earlier, that I was bare footed and only in shorts. Yep country…

I started to cry and Sugar stepped off of my foot. Then I crawled under the fence crying and heading for the screen door when I looked back and my trike was sitting “inside” the fence. Still crying I head back to the fence, crawl under, grab a hold of my trike handle bars and drag it back under the fence, the entire time crying because my poor little foot hurt so bad. By the time I get back to the screen door, I’m really belly aching and my mom comes running and says ” you weren’t in with the horses, were you?” What happened? It’s amazing even at a young age how kids not wanting to get into trouble, say the darnedest things. I said no mom, I ran my foot over with my trike. She grabbed me up and we went into the house and she told me to stay off my tricycle for a few days…if she had known what I had really been doing, I’d been in big trouble and if I’d had heard that I had to stay away from the horses for a few days, I think back then that would have just killed me…LOL…

Years later when I was in my 20′s, my mom and I were hanging out with my brother and my brother and I start to tell her things that we used to do and him and I would laugh and laugh, like when we’d told her that we made parachutes out of Glad garbage bags and jumped off our 16′ deck when she was at work. Her response was “Oh my gosh, you could have killed yourselves!” I saw that as my open door to tell her what really happened that day back at grandpa’s house with my trike, the apples, and Sugar the horse. She said to me, I thought that looked like a “hoof” mark and not a tire track! We laughed and laughed about that day and how determined I was to get on that horse! Later, when I told my grandpa, he said he knew all along it was a hoof print, but he wasn’t going to rat me out since I didn’t get really hurt. When I told him I was trying to stand on my trike to get on Sugar, he just laughed and said “girl, you’d never have gotten on her without the fence, she was over 15 hands tall!” He did say that he wasn’t about to tell me the fence trick too early, because he knew I’d be trying that soon enough, since he saw my dirty little feet prints on the white seat seat of my tricycle.

Growing up with horses and with a grandfather the loved them too, gave me an unforgettable childhood of accidents, riding, feeding, and trail rides, that I will never forget.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and reliving this memory of me, my grandpa and his horse named Sugar!


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8 Responses to A Little Girl, and Her Grandpa’s Horse…Sugar.

  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    interesting story. i like it. thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    hahaha… really nice story.. :)

  3. Sam Cuch says:

    Good story. I like how it is an account of your childhood, were you look back upon your choices, not with judgment, but with a sence of wonderment and fondness of a time when the ground was brown and even the offencive things are seen in a happy light.

    Smiles to you for making me remember a time when I was happy as a ranch hand. I know those smells and feelings of happiness that feeding a horse could bring. Thanks, keep it up.

  4. Avatar of shreya shreya says:

    Nice Story.. It reminds me one of my friend. thanks :)

  5. Avatar of MistyAnn MistyAnn says:

    Thank you all for your reviews! Sam thank you for your comment too, and I was happy that my story took you back to what you love! When I was writing this story and reliving that memory, I would laugh, and then I’d cry too, I lost my grandpa that I mentioned in this story a few years ago so writing this, was bitter sweet to me. Take care. For the ladies the have commented or read or are reading the story, if you have a story with your horse that is touching, funny or down right hilarious you can go to my online Country Cafe called “I’m Country, Like a Girl” and become a member and join our group and blog called “Me & My Horse” the site is not just for horse people, its for Country Women that want to get together and share their way of life.

  6. Avatar of rmmaltbie rmmaltbie says:

    I had horses too when I was a kid. I got bit and nearly bucked off a few times. But I still loved those horses to death. Great story. Loved it.

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