A Broken mind

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February 5th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Suspense , Thriller  |  Author: Trevor  |  748 views

As I rode down the street to home where my son age 7 was there waiting for me. I was a single mother I was young when I had a kid .I had he when I was seventh .The dad actual had stay and was happy to be a father but had an accident when the baby was born. In the hospital parking lot a driver hit him and drove off. Here we are now in poor neighborhood. I barely make it with my pharmacist job .I was seen as damage goods by most men so it’s just me and my son. I gotten to my crappy apartment and being tired by work and life I just wanted to sleep. I lay down in my bed. In less than 5 ten minutes woken by my son Michael. Momma I’m hungry he said .Me being tired said go make a peanut butter & jelly. He said we have no peanut or jelly. Knowing that I would eventually have to make him a meal I got up to make it so I could just go back to my room and relax .I make him a bowl of soup .He complained but I told him to eat it knowing that all we have to eat. I relax in my room looking out my window and the door bell rang I went to it open it to the old lady from down the hall miss rose she ask if she could bought some sugar. I gave it to her and she left. I went back to my room to my window and seen a man in a black suit staring back at me. He just looks at me emotionless. He gave me the creeps so I went and lock the door. When I came back he was no where to be seen. I thought maybe it was the lack of sleep. So I closed my eyes and fell to sleep.
I woke up knowing that today will be another day of work. I looked at the alarm clock and realize I was late. I rushed and got dress and eat. On my way home I dropped off Michael off at my mom’s. I then realize I forgot my name tag. The boss gave me little speech about forgetting my name tag and coming late. After it was work as usual no surprises until the end of the day. I was the only one left in the store I’m usual the one to close the place up .A man came in I never seen here before but some how looks familiar. He came in and he came to the back and asks do you have any Deus? I don’t think so .I look it up and there were no results. He got louder Do you have any Deus?!! He got closer .No sir we don’t getting scared Do you have any Deus?!!!! He screams. No I don’t!! I said scared sitting down the light seem to flicker. Ok he said. Good night. He left without furthermore incident. I thought of calling the police but thought he didn’t want to wait an hour for the cops to show and then just fill out a report just so they won’t do anything. I was just happy he was gone. Still little worried for the ride home. I called my mom asking if she could bring me home. She annoyed asked why? I told her I don’t feel safe. She said what’s the different from all the other days. A man came in and scream at me .She said ok I’ll pick you up she sounded tired and annoyed. I sat them thinking why did he look so familiar and then it hit me he was the one looking me in the window. That thought made me feel Goosebumps. My mom came and gave me a ride.
I went home .I ask my mom to keep Michael a few more days when I went home I sat down and there was a knock at the door. Pleas leave I said .They knock louder and louder .I scream louder please leave! It just got louder and louder. I ran inside to my closet and I took out my safe .I put in the code and unlocked it. Laying there in my safe was the Glock 21 a gun my dad gave my dead husband Jim for our wedding. The knocking was getting to unbearable levels. My ears starting to bleed. I couldn’t handle any more she went to the door and kept firing her gun into the door until the gun was empty .The knocking finally stopped and sat down and I started to cry looking at the bullets holes the door left and suddenly they started to bleed. The door started to bleed. There was a laugh and I was so scared I closed my eyes and suddenly the laughter stopped. I open my eyes and it was silent she though it was over she felt relief. I decided to put the gun away and she realizes that it’s not in her hand anymore and she couldn’t find it anywhere. I look at the door and the holes are gone. She ran in her room into closet and open the safe and there it was with all the bullets she felt like she was losing her mind and then she had the urge to look out the window .I look and there was the man in the suit but now with a crooked smile. My apartment started to melt around me, I got out of my apartment and I ran down the hall to miss rose house and Knock on the door and there was a corpse of miss rose on the floor .She started to laugh. As if she was the lucky one .The door shut on me. I ran out of there. When I got out of my apartment. The man still was there but he just stood there and laughs watching as I ran toward my car. I drove off as fast as I could. I went to my mom’s. I knock on the door. Hoping that whatever going on didn’t infect the rest of my family. My mom answers and the relief are felt overwhelming. Is Michael ok? My mom said is something is wrong. You have no idea I said. A man came from the back is something wrong? ANY No No I said. I start to l sit down and cry look up to man outside my window driving me insane. They both help me inside. She sits down and said what wrong .do you know this man is is? I ask I hoped I do he is my husband. What? Momma a little girl said coming out of the back room. The little girl jumps in my lap. How you doing momma? Whose kid is this? I would think you would remember your daughter my mom said .You must be really tired. What, that can’t be, what? I lost it. Ok just lay down my mom said. All I could is going with her. Feeling like my sanity is gone or was it ever here? You can sleep with your daughter; I know how much you like that my mom said. I said ok tired and feeling my reality is slipping between my fingers. I lay there to my back to my daughter. I just hoped to fall to asleep. I eyes closed. It was a minute or hour I couldn’t tell, but my eyes woken by my so call daughter. She asked how you are momma. I said I’m fine emotionally. Hey momma you love me right? Yes dear. If you love so much why you let me dies? Suddenly little girl turn to dust. I was scared I ran out to the next room and it was empty .There were no furniture, nothing but carpet. I ran back into the room where my little daughter which turned to dust and there instead of her bed was nothingness .I ran out of the house looking pale as death himself. I ran to my car and got inside and started to drive off. I at that point wanted to get out of town. I wanted to get as far away as possible. I drove off but at one point I needed to get gas. I stop at the little gas station outskirt of the city. I went inside and they were an odd looking clerk. I went to the back just hoping that I can get a water pay for the gas and leave. Looking around and suddenly the door opens and there a man with a shotgun pointing at the clerks face. I got down. Give me the money the man said .The clerk said ok just give me a minute! A pause…. gunshot is heard. I knocked a can over by accident. A man heard and yell whose there. I won’t hurt her. He lied to me being to obvious .He slowly walked to the back. I could hear his foot coming closer to the back and closer .He was a foot away and jump up grabbed the gun. The struggle last only a minute felt like forever. I final got the gun closed my eyes and aim and fired. When I open my eyes instead of the robber was the clerk and no one else insight. He laid there blood everywhere and a look of sadness on his face,. I stood they looking at the blood on my hands and cried. I got out of they and got in the car and drove off not caring that I was running out of gas. I drove down the street as fast as I can. All of a sudden I ending up in hospital I was in comma. All I can hear was the beeping of the monitor. All of sudden a man came in .He sat down and all I could see is his outlining and then he spoke and I heard his voice and then knew it was the man that been following me .He started to speak Um I know when We got married and we were young ,so young. You told me I’m divorcing you, you bum, you said you’ll never see your kid you bum. What kind of unholy monster take they kid from they dad. I was a good dad! I’m sorry but if I can have him you can either. He put off the life support and sat there and cried .The light went dark and the last thing I heard was the flat line .


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